Software engineer Sahas Katta released an app for the Google Glass platform that  combines Google's experimental eye wear with the technology packed Tesla Model S.

Hmm...Not Sure of the Safety Aspect of This

Hmm...Not Sure of the Safety Aspect of This

Katta posted this on the Tesla Motors forum:

Howdy! I just made an app for Google Glass called GLASSTESLA.

Here's what it can do:

- View vehicle charging status. Start or stop charging via Glass. You can even open the charge port without having to get back into your car.

- Locate your Model S on a map and get directions to it. You can even honk the horns or flash the headlights if you still can't spot it.

- See whether the doors, trunks, or sunroof is open/closed. Of course, you can lock or unlock your car remotely and even control the sunroof too.

- You can view the car's interior and exterior temperatures. With a single tap, you can enable "auto climate" to either cool or heat your vehicle to an optimal temperature remotely.

To accomplish this, Katta reverse engineer Tesla's official Android app.  GlassTesla includes all of the features of Tesla's app, but some obviously aren't meant to be used while driving the Model S.

Right now, the GlassTesla app is available to download, though it'll only work for the limited amount of people who own both a Model S and Google Glass.

Katta is currently working to add more features to GlassTesla.  Specifically, Katta says that voice commands are coming just as soon as Google enables that feature for Glass.

Quoting Katta:

"I’m already working on it.  We’ll soon be able to do something along the lines of being able to say ‘OK Glass, open the trunk,’ for when you’re carrying groceries and your hands aren’t free."

As for GlassTesla as a whole, Katta states:

"I think this absolutely highlights the potential of wearable technology and how it will interact with the tools we use every day."

For Model S and Google Glass owners who wish to download the app, click the link below.

Source: Glass Tesla

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