Sales of electric cars in Norway are growing like crazy these days.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

In June, the Nissan LEAF took fourth place in overall sales ranking in Norway.

With 340 registrations, the LEAF had a market share of 3.1% of all new passenger cars sold in June. Noteworthy is that only 11 more sales would have landed the LEAF in third place.

The 340 number is almost 2.5 times more sales for the LEAF than in June of of last year. With 1,974 YTD, Nissan LEAF sales are already approaching the 2,298 mark set for full 2012 sales.

Total sales of new passenger electric cars in Norway in June reached 372 units (over 40% more than the year before), and the Nissan LEAF captured more than 90% of the segment. YTD total sales for electric vehicles is 2,228 (almost a 30% growth year over year).

Soon, Tesla will start sales of the Model S in Norway.   With the Model S coming, we're hopeful that this year we'll see a 10% market share for EVs for the first time in contemporary history in any country in the world.

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