Chevy Volt 110 Volt Charger

Chevy Volt 110 Volt Charger

What most of the general public doesn't seem to know (or perhaps they do, but simply choose to ignore it) is that the US is home to an estimated 475 million charging stations.

These stations, most of which were installed decades ago, function rather well for plug-in hybrid and can suffice (sort of) for patient electric vehicle owners.

Of course, we're suggesting that the 110 volt wall outlet is the charging station in this case and, though it's not always practical, at least it's there, even if only as a backup solution.

Oddly, we came across this figure when perusing the web for EV news.  We stumbled upon in a discussion post.  The 475 million figure, as well as the fact that 110 can be used by most plug-ins in a pinch, was a revelation that few were aware of in that discussion forum.

As one commenter stated:

"If you can live with a charging rate of 5 miles per hour charging, there are more than 475 million 110 V electrical outlets that you can plug into but at 8-10 Amps."

This led us to believe that maybe the general public in the US is unaware of this.  Perhaps it has not been conveyed well.

Oftentimes, this "revelation" surfaces when some argue that the US doesn't have enough charging stations.  This 475 million figure is used to dispel that.  However, we wouldn't suggest that 110-volt charging is practical, but at least it's there.

The same can't be said for hydrogen refueling stations of compressed natural gas filling units.

But when it comes to electricity, the infrastructure surrouned us.  All you need to do is look to your right or left.  It's probably somewhere there.

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