Alphabet...isn't that what you're taught as a toddler?  Yes, but it's the name of one of the UK's largest fleet management groups, too.

Alphabet is responsible for the management of more than 115,000 vehicles, but it's this new AlphaElectric division that we're interested in.

Alphabet is launch AlphaElectric to "provide complete support for firms thinking of switching to electric vehicles, helping them assess market options, supporting the introduction of EVs into their fleet and by providing a full in-life support service."

AlphaElectric will formally launch this September and will be an industry first by providing EV solutions to both public sector and private businesses of all sizes.

AlphaElectric says it has "simplified the integration of eMobility to three easy steps," which are as follows:

  • Advising: analysis of your eMobility needs and selection of EVs
  • Charging Solutions: provision of handy charging facilities - whether at home or at the office
  • Keeping you moving: A to Z management from funding arrangements to additional services such as rental cars.
AlphaElectric is about as all encompassing as we've seen.  Here's what else Alphabet has to say of its EV-oriented fleet service:

"Once integrated, you can choose from a wide range of supplementary driver and mobility services to complete our full-service eMobility offer: AlphaElectric provides rental cars for longer journeys, driver training and much more."

"In a nutshell: AlphaElectric simplifies your eMobility integration, increases cost-efficiency and enhances your corporate sustainability."

To us, AlphaElectric makes perfect sense since it seems to really simplify the process for fleets.  AlphaElectric does all the leg work, so to say, which means that owners of fleets are left with little to do other than to sign the purchase paperwork and then get the vehicles to the drivers.

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