We've all seen that add-on TomTom navigation unit on the Fiat 500e, right?  It looks so out of place inside the electric 500's otherwise simple, clean interior.  It's an eyesore for sure and definitely an afterthought.  But all these flaws could be forgiven if it's functionality was unmatched.

500e interior

Unfortunately, it's the TomTom unit that drew the most flack from CNET's review of the 500e.  As CNET says, "The TomTom navigation system was disappointing."

Fortunately, that was the biggest complaint from CNET in an otherwise glowing review of the 500e.

Here's CNET's summary of its time spent behind the wheel of the electric 500:

The good: The 2013 Fiat 500e's silent electric engine offers good low- and midrange acceleration and feels capable at highway speeds. Cabin tech is simple, but checks the right boxes for audio sources and hands-free calling. The mobile app lets the driver monitor the vehicle and its battery remotely.

The bad: The TomTom navigation system was disappointing. Could take up to a full 24 hours to charge on 110v outlet power.

The bottom line: The pure-electric 2013 Fiat 500e has the looks, the range, and the power to be city-car practical, but competing models offer better dashboard tech.

So, if you can deal with that "disappointing" TomTom unit that oddly sits alone on the dash, then maybe the 500e is the right choice for you.  Unfortunately, you'd have to live in California to get one and we hear its already sold out.

Source: CNET

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