According tot he Detroit News, four 2012 Chevy Volts are being recalled due to a "defective brake pressure modulator valve."

Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

This is the first formal recall for the Chevrolet Volt and, since it's only linked to 4 vehicles, we'd say the Volt's reputation for stellar reliability remains wholly intact.

GM did conduct a customer satisfaction campaign on the Volt back in 2012 to address some battery pack-safety concerns.

That "defective brake pressure modulator valve" could cause the Volt's electronic stability control to malfunction, which in turn to "increase the possibility of a crash in an emergency braking incident," report the Detroit News.

No injuries or accidents have been reported in relation to this recall.

General Motors apparently became aware of the issue when it inspected a "returned warranty part of an exported Volt."

Source: Detroit News
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