On Thursday General Motors announced that it would be discontinuing its long-running ChevroletVoltage.com social media website.

In a statement on the site, Cristi Landy, who is the Chevrolet Volt Marketing Director said:

In July 2009, more than a year before the first Chevy Volt rolled off the assembly line, Chevrolet VoltAge was launched as a hub for electric vehicle owners, enthusiasts, and the Chevrolet Volt Team to come together and talk about vehicle electrification. As the conversation around Volt has evolved, we have decided to change how we connect with our owners and fans. As of June 30, 2013, Chevrolet VoltAge content and conversations will transition to the Chevrolet Volt Facebook (facebook.com/chevroletvolt), Twitter (@ChevyVolt) and Chevrolet.com (Chevrolet.com/volt) sites.

For those who have been regularly visitors and participants on VoltAge, we thank you for your support and contributions to the site. And, we look forward to keeping the conversation going on our other community sites.

Thank you


GM-Volt.com Header

GM-Volt.com Header

On a personal note:  Around the time ChevroletVoltage came into existence I was just coming onboard at GM-Volt.com, an independent community website behind the Chevrolet Volt.

I saw ChevroletVoltage.com with its front page news-blog format, insider track and attached forums (but only for registered members) an all too familiar sight, and viewed it as an attempt by GM to wrestle social media control of their product away from independent hands and back into their own.

Fortunately, the community was tight at GMV, and between the site's founder Lyle Dennis and myself (but mostly Lyle) the site continued to publish a new Volt-centric article each and everyday of the week.

Sometime the news on the Chevy was good, sometimes not so good, but GM-Volt.com published it all regardless, and I like to think that is what ultimately made it so successful...and what still today makes an independent voice the most popular choice.

As for ChevroletVoltage.com, once I realized (and probably GM too) that the site could never be the media powerhouse it was likely set out to be (and no threat to my new writing home), I accepted it as an added resource and a useful media property in promoting the Chevrolet Volt, and by extension, plug-in vehicles in general.

And today, quite unexpectedly, I will miss its light-hearted fare.



Lyle Dennis Hosts First Ever

Lyle Dennis Hosts First Ever "Volt Nation"

My good friend, Lyle Dennis - the founder of GM-Volt.com (and this site's co-founder) also had some comments on Chevrolet Voltage's passing:

And another turn in the road.

I remember well when GM called me to a meeting to advise me they were going to open their own Volt social site, two years after the launch and success of GM-Volt.com.

It seemed unsettling at the time as it risked dividing and thus diminishing the Volt community.

I always suspected it wouldn’t last forever.

RIP ChevroletVoltage

Editor's Note: As Lyle Dennis' background is in the health care field  (he is a neurologist after all), he has recently founded HealthKeep, a social media website and resource for healthcare.

According to Forbes: "HealthKeep’s goal is to help people better understand and become more engaged in their health through social connections with others like them. It humanizes the cold impersonal complex health information found via search engines and traditional online health sites."

...so you should probably go check that out too!

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