i-MiEVs for Fleets

i-MiEVs for Fleets

Mitsubishi i-MiEV sales saw an uptick in the early months of 2013 and we're beginning to wonder whether or not fleet deals like this were the reason for the sharp rise in sales.

Los Gatos, San Jose, Mill Valley and Campbell—four cities in California—combined to purchase 50 i-MiEVs for use in the municipalities' fleets.

Los Gatos gets 5 i-MiEVs, San Jose 38 and Mill Valley and Campbell receive the remaining 7 in some combination not known to us.

The electric vehicles will be used by city officials for, umm, official purposes. For each of the four cities involved, the i-MiEVs fulfill certain sustainability goals.

Los Gatos Mayor, Barbara Spector, stated:

"In addition to being nearly 40 percent less expensive to fuel, these vehicles will significantly reduce the town's greenhouse gas emissions--over three years our five vehicles will avoid nearly 20,000 pounds of CO2."

Why the i-MiEV over other electric vehicles?  We assume it's due some steep discounts offered on the Mitsu.

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