That's right.  Free they are, while supplies last.

Sounds Like a Deal to Us

Sounds Like a Deal to Us

Under the Scottish government's ChargePlace program, electric vehicle owners can receive a charger (installation included) and smart meter at no cost.

CharegPlace Scotland will fully pay for all the associated charger/smart meter hardware and installation for at least the first 100 EV owners interested in taking part in the program.

100 may seem low, but in Scotland, only roughly 200 electric vehicles are currently registered.  As David Densley, Head of Sustainable Transport in Scotland, states:

"There are currently only around 200 registered electric vehicles in Scotland so it is still relatively early days for this new technology."

Only the first 100 hand-raisers will receive those free chargers and smart meters and with interest already high, the program could come to an end soon.  ChargePlace Scotland reports that at least 50 EV owners have contacted them in regards to this offer.

Free is free in this instance, as there are no strings attached.  So, if you're an EV owner in Scotland and want free (and who wouldn't), then contact ChargePlace Scotland before this deal runs out.

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