We love almost everything Jerry Seinfeld does - he had one of the all-time great television shows, and has also had one of the most successful stand-up careers of his generation.

Huge Bag Of Kettlecorn Or Not, Jerry Is Not Happy About Taking A Spin In The LEAF

Huge Bag Of Kettlecorn Or Not, Jerry Is Not Happy About Taking A Spin In The LEAF

However, we can argue with Jerry's stance on electric cars, and the Nissan LEAF in particular...he straight out loathes it - but in a funny way.

The conversation between Seinfeld and late night talk-show icon David Letterman on EVs went down on Jerry's web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

The basic premise of the show is that Jerry and another famous comedian go for a ride in one of the guest's favorite cars - on the way for coffee, they talk about the business of being funny.

The episode with David Letterman starts out innocently enough, with Jerry driving Dave's 1995 Volvo S60 station wagon.

Not any station wagon though, it was build by Paul Newman - famous for his charity work, salad dressing and of course, racing.  So this pedestrian looking Volvo packs a high performance racing engine, putting out 380 hp, a Mustang gearbox and...yada, yada, yada.

Letterman -

Letterman - "I'm Driving Until The Red Light Comes On Buddy! I'm Going To Show You What We Got Here!"

The part that interests us however begins when the duo returns to Dave's place, and Jerry asks to take a ride with him in one of his other cars.

Jerry: Can we try driving one of your other cars?

Dave: Can I pick the car? Jerry: Sure

(Arrives at destination...a 2011 Red Nissan LEAF is parked outside)

Jerry: Oh no!  Not this! Dave: laughs Jerry: No, No, I won't.  Oh God, I don't want to be in this. Dave: First time I drove in this it was so quiet I ran over a squirrel. Dave: You really, really don't like riding in this?  You just want to burn up as much fossil fuel as you can?

Jerry:  Its like alcohol Dave, we have a problem with the stuff, so lets finish it up.

You can catch the whole 18+ min episode below.  To check out the ditty on the LEAF, jump to the 16:10 mark.

From Crackle: I Like Kettlecorn

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Source: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

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