The Model S will quickly spread across Europe this summer as Tesla shifts some of its focus from fulfilling US to satisfying its European buyers.

Tesla Service Centers Europe

Tesla Service Centers Europe

With that in mind, Tesla is acting now to prep parts of Europe for the Model S' arrival.

To do so, Tesla will open additional stores and service centers in and around some of Europe's largest cities.

According to Ward's Auto, Tesla will "add dealers in London, Brussels and Amsterdam, expanding its network to a dozen cities. The auto maker also will add new service centers in Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Vienna and Hamburg."

There will be a heavy focus on Norway, as that's currently Tesla's largest European market (based on Roadster sales).  Tesla will install a Supercharger somewhere in Norway to accommodate the needs of future Model S owners.

Following the expansion in Europe, Tesla will once again shift its focus.  This time, it'll be turned towards Asia ahead of the Model S' launch there this fall.

Source: Ward's Auto

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