Peter Frise, CEO of Auto 21, a research division of the University of Windsor, expects internal combustion engines to continue to dominate the automotive scene until 2035.

Auto 21 Header

Auto 21 Header

As Frise sees the future, both gas and diesel-burning automobiles will maintain their overall dominance for at least the next two decades.

Frise was discussing the slow rise of electric vehicles when he made these statements and we think his words were meant to come off negatively towards EVs, but we don't see his statements as being cynical at all.

Quoting Frise as he was discussing EVs:

"You should never say never but it's a very, very tough problem, there's no question about that.  I think it's going to cost a lot more money than people are prepared for right now.

"The battery itself can cost more than the rest of the car itself, put together. That's just not something people can handle these days."

"It all boils down to the battery. It's all about energy storage.  Generating energy or transferring energy from one form to another is something mankind has been good at for quite some time. Storing electrical energy is not easy."


Sure, Frise may not be the world's leading EV proponent, but if we only have to wait until 2035 for the electric vehicle to outsell ICE, then that's fine by us.

That's only 22 years from now and, even though Frise was trying to knock on electric vehicles, his conclusion that ICE will remain king until 2035 sits well with us.  If his statements are accurate, then in just over two decades, the electric vehicle will outsell ICE.  Do you think that's possible?

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