I See Your 1

I See Your 1

Better late than never, right?

And Raise You....1 More

And Raise You....1 More

Officials in the state of Utah have finally come around to the idea that electric vehicles can help to curb pollution and so have decided that it's time to add a couple of Nissan LEAFs to the state's vehicle fleet.

Utah's Division of Air Quality is asking residents of the state to limit driving this summer as ozone levels there are approaching the highest levels ever recorded in the state.

But asking residents to drive less doesn't sit well when the state's fleet of vehicles are spewing out emissions.

Therefore, the state decided to take a more proactive approach and it's one that certainly shows they're trying to do something about rising ozone levels, too.

The state purchase two Nissan LEAFs, which become the first zero-emissions vehicle in Utah's fleet.

Bryce Bird, director of Utah's Division of Air Quality, say this of the LEAFs:

"It drives exactly like you'd expect a car to drive.  What you notice is smoother acceleration, and of course the quiet ride."

Additionally, Utah is now mainly purchasing either conventional hybrid or natural gas vehicles for it fleet as replacements for its aging gas- and diesel-burning autos.

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