Volvo Group announced that, in cooperation with Swedish Energy Agency, the City of Gothenburg, Västtrafik, Lindholmen Science Park and Johanneberg Science Park, it's preparing a new initiative to put electric buses on the streets of Gothenburg.

Electric buses from Volvo are set to appear on the streets of Gothenburg in 2015 and will glide noiselessly without emissions between Johanneberg Science Park adjacent to Chalmers and Lindholmen Science Park in Hisingen.

"Like something out of a vision of the future, but which is already a reality here and now, buses powered entirely by electricity from renewable sources will become a part of the Gothenburg’s public-transport system. The buses will be extremely fuel-efficient, silent and completely emissions-free. Passengers onboard will have access to new technologies and at least one of the bus stops will be located indoors."

Currently, it is difficult to say whether the new initiative is merely a demonstration or if Volvo is seriously ready to start production of electric buses.  Guess we'll find out for sure in 2015.
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