Communauto, a Canadian car sharing operator, has broken the mold with its just-launched service in Montreal.

Gone are  reservations and gone is the requirement of returning a vehicle to the same spot from which users acquired it.

Not Free, But There's No Reservation Required

Not Free, But There's No Reservation Required

In Montreal, Communauto is testing out a pilot project, which allows registered users to pick up an electric vehicle without reserving it in advance.  Users can then drive the electric wherever they choose before dropping it off at a different location (anywhere you choose, it seems, as long as the vehicle remains within city limits).

It's the ultimate in flexibility, as we see it.

Some 20 electric vehicles will be available for registered users.

Here's the pricing breakdown:

  • $0.38 per minute
  • $12 per hour
  • $50 a day
Not bad considering how user-friendly and accessible it seems to be.  Communatuto further says that parking will be permitted on unregulated curb-side areas and in resident-only spots.  If all works as planned, then Communauto will extend the program beyond a "pilot" project and perhaps even offer a similar service in other Canadian cities.

We see this as how car sharing is supposed to work.  So, let's hope it actually works.

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