All Japan EV-GP Series

All Japan EV-GP Series

All Japan EV-GP Series

All Japan EV-GP Series

All Japan EV-GP Series is a Japanese racing series that was first organized about two years by Japan Electric Vehicle Race Association (JEVRA).

The main event is a race of roughly 50 km distance (31 miles) in several different categories - EV-1 (over 100 kW), EV-2 (50-100 kW), EV-3 (below 50 kW), EV-C (for conversions) and EV-P (for prototypes).

Last year, the racing series consisted of 5 rounds. This year, All Japan EV-GP has 6 rounds, of which two were already held on the Sodegaura Forest Raceway.

Typically 10-20 cars can be spotted - Tesla Roadster, Nissan LEAFS, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, some conversions, and occasionally other models like the Nissan LEAF Nismo RC, Mazda Demio EV, Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution (only demonstration) or even a MINI E.

Both last year and this year, Tesla Roadster dominate All Japan EV-GP Series winning almost all races.

One time last year the Nissan LEAF Nismo RC was fastest, but this year it's sadly not competing.

However, the real battle is in the EV-2 class where near-identical LEAFs continually battle  for the best result.

Some rounds also feature electric vehicles with extremely low electrical resistance and even go-karts.

All of this racing action you'll find in JEVRA's own video channel (first two round attached below).

How cool is all of this?  And when we will see this kind of racing in other countries? Okay - California has Refuel that could be regarded as a similar event, but it's not nearly as extensive as this.

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