How many lithium-ion cells will be in Tesla Model S sedans by the end of June?

Well, if it not for an announcement by Panasonic, we wouldn't be able to answer that question.  But, surprise, now we can.

Panasonic says that it'll ship Tesla its 100 millionth lithium-ion cell before the end of the month and that by month's end, that figure will easily surpass 100 million.

Since Panasonic is only referring to Model S specific cells here, we could try to break out how many Model S sedans Tesla will have built by the end of June, but therein lies the problem.

There are two versions of the Model S currently available, both of which use a different amount of cells.  So, it becomes a guessing game of sorts to figure out a precise production number.

We do know that the 85-kWh version of the Model S "consists of more than 7,000 battery cells," according to JB Straubel, Tesla’s chief technology officer.  So, if we falsely assumed that all Model S produced by the end of June were of this version, then we could say that Model S production would be at approximately 14,200 units.

Officially, we pegged Model S sales at 11,150 units at the end of May.

We're not sure what else can be drawn out of this 100 million cell announcement.

Perhaps some of you will find a way to translate it into total a production figure and possibly even a 60-kWh versus 85-kWh breakdown.  It's worth a go, right?

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