It's claimed to be the first, so we won't dispute that here.

Alpiq E-Mobility says it'll will present its "3-in-1 fast-charging station for electric vehicles to trade visitors at the Suisse Public fair" next week.

Here's what we know of this 3-in-1 station, courtesy of info provided directly by Alpiq E-Mobility:

"Alpiq E-Mobility will showcase the new charging station as the first of its kind. The 3-in-1 fast-charging station was developed by Swiss firm EVTEC and is the first station to be compatible with every model of electric vehicle, thanks to the various plug types with which it is equipped. This innovative new model rounds off the Alpiq range of charging stations."

"At the moment, electric vehicles in Europe are equipped with three different plug systems. The "ChaDeMo" system is generally used in Switzerland. German vehicle manufactures will launch vehicles equipped with the combo system in autumn 2013, while French electric vehicles are equipped with the type-2 plug. The new charging station supports all of these systems."

"With this innovation, owners of electric vehicles receive the certainty that they will be able to charge their vehicles at all of the EVite fast-charging stations. The EVite project aims to establish a comprehensive network of fast-charging stations across Switzerland that are compatible with every model of electric vehicle. Alpiq is a partner and founding member of this initiative."

Just to reiterate the main point here, this 3-in-1er incorporates CHAdeMO, the Combo Charger and Type 2 Mennekes, so it's as close to a universal chargers as you can get.

We think these sort of multi-standard chargers should be the norm and, in the future, probably will be.

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