Smith Electric Vehicles just announced that its production total to date is over 700 units of its electric Newton trucks and Edison vans.

Smith adds that the cumulative mileage covered by its electric trucks and vans exceeds 5 million miles.

The company seems to be thrilled with this result, saying:

"As a result, Smith Electric is the market leader in the commercial electric vehicle industry, with more miles and more trucks on the road than its three largest competitors combined."

But, isn't 5 million miles only a little over 7,100 (7,142.86 to be more precise) miles per vehicle?

Newton truck

Newton truck

Even if we take into account that a large part of this fleet is relatively young, this result is rather quite low for commercial vehicles.

In the US, Smith Electric is now offering Newton trucks and the new Newton Step Van. In the UK, where the company began its operations roughly 93 years ago, the Newton Step Van is replaced by the Edison, which is based on the Ford Transit.

Smith adds there exists a $40 billion market of trucks that could be electrified across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.  As Bryan Hansel, chief executive officer of Smith Electric, says:

 "We do not think in terms of the truck; we think in terms of full end-to-end fleet transformation and all its associated benefits. This delivers substantial economic and commercial benefits for our customers and helps drive the growing demand for our product.  With these important milestones achieved, Smith will be positioned to move fully into commercial scale manufacturing and enable electric fleet transformations around the world. Most importantly, we have first mover advantage in a vast global market for full fleet transformation. We look forward to the future with confidence."

Combining this with information that customers can save up to 70% on fuel and maintenance, we can assume that Smith Electric is trying to find a new investor after the abandonment of IPO.

Important too seems this closing sentence of Smith's recent press release:

"The Company operates manufacturing facilities in Kansas City, Mo., and Newcastle, U.K."

This seems to indicate the previously announced manufacturing facilities in New York and in Chicago - if they actually exist - are not producing any vehicles .

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