Forget Tesla's supercharging.  Why would we ever need that when we can "refuel" an electric vehicle in just 4 minutes using this breakthrough system by Battery Fueling?

Well, once you've wrapped your head around this breakthrough tech, then you might end up deciding that supercharging is still the way to go.

Odd Image from Battery Fueling

Odd Image from Battery Fueling

So, without further adieu, let's dive into this game-changing technology, presented below by the mind-blowing technical folks at Battery Fueling:

"The inventions provide a computer-controlled cyclical system that includes a specially manufactured battery dispensing bowser that dispenses a choosable sequential plurality of small volume charged batteries to a specially manufactured battery powered Electric Vehicle. The Battery Fueling method parallels, mimics or improves upon the sequentially metered manner by which a fossil fuel bowser dispenses fuel to a conventional fossil fuel vehicle at a roadside service station."

"At the same time, the cyclical system also retrieves a similar plurality of depleted batteries from the Electric Vehicle. They are returned to the bowser; and from there to a battery recharging bay."

Got all that?  Still thinking this 4-minute fuel-up works?  Here's more from the Battery Fueling experts:

"The Battery Fueling inventions provide two separate improvements to known prior art:"

"The first improvement relates to apparatus, sequences, applications and know-how for a system to sequentially provide, by metered bowser dispensing means, an individual battery to an Electric Vehicle, as the smallest measurable unit of meterable flow between a battery dispensing bowser and a battery powered Vehicle, that also provides a parity system that parallels, mimics or improves upon the conventional flow system that treats an individual small volume of fossil fuel as the smallest measurable unit of meterable flow between a conventional fossil fuel forecourt dispensing bowser and a conventional fossil fuel powered vehicle."

"The second improvement relates to apparatus, sequences, applications and know-how for a system to provide an individual battery as a small-volume rechargeable Battery temperature reducer, fire-inhibitor and/or fire-extinguisher; that a system may convey to any precise position within a system, especially within a vehicle, for a battery to be placed adjacent or near any compromised battery; for use to provide temperature reduction, fire-inhibition and/or fire-extinguishing facilities relating to that battery, that the computer controlled system has identified as a faulty battery, an overheating battery, a thermal propagation cell-module, a thermal runaway cell-module or an ‘on-fire’ battery."

Still with us?  Does any of Battery Fueling detailed info make sense?

Battery Fueling would love to commercialize its "invention," but to do so the company needs investors.  Its current list of investors includes not a single soul.  We certainly wouldn't jump on board and doubt any other knowledgeable individual would.  But that promise of a 4-minute recharge sure is enticing.  It would be more so if any of Battery Fueling's information made even a bit of sense.

Source: Battery Fueling

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