Current Map of Charging Stations at Restaurants in US (Updated Constantly With Additional Sites to be Added Soon).

Current Map of Charging Stations at Restaurants in US (Updated Constantly With Additional Sites to be Added Soon).

Editor's Note: The post below is written by Chris, an electric vehicle enthusiast/BMW ActiveE driver/and friend of InsideEVs.  We've offered our InsideEVs platform to assist Chris in the incredibly difficult task of attempting to locate charging stations at restaurants throughout the US.  Chris needs your help to map out as many restaurant charging stations as possible.  As advocates of electric vehicles ourselves, we feel that assisting the EV community is part of our duty at InsideEVs.

Ever wondered what restaurants there are that have EVSEs for customer use?  It would be so convenient to be able to get a bite to eat while you charge up your EV in an EV friendly place.  Unless you already know of those places you are probably out of luck since the EVSE locator apps don't let you search by business category.

I figured I will do something about it, I'll build a map listing all the restaurants or food places that installed EVSEs for their customers.

The qualifications are pretty simple.  I'm looking for restaurants that installed EVSEs specifically for their customers.  EVSEs near a restaurant that the restaurant owner/management did not install don't count.  Hotels with restaurants count as long as the customer can plug in and eat but not have to stay the night. With that said I will also be including chains and franchises, specific locations, so if a McDonalds has an EVSE for customers to use it counts.

I'd like to call upon the EV community to help me populate the map.  Please submit locations you know of to or post them in the comments section (either below or on Chris' My ActiveE: Charge Up and Eat Up blog post).

Please include the business name, full address, website and phone number if you have it, plus, any other details you think may help like where the EVSE is located.  I will verify each submission to be sure they have a working EVSE and it is for customers as well as what kind of EVSE it is and what fees if any.

If all looks good I'll add it to the map which you can find HERE.

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