Bolloré Bluecar

Bolloré Bluecar

At the end of this year, Bolloré Group will launch its BlueLy carsharing project in Lyon., France.  This project essentially duplicates Paris' Autolib carsharing service that was introduced two years ago.

The first tests are scheduled to start in September and by October BlueLy will have 50 stations (with charging points), where you can rent or drop off the car.  Initially, the fleet is expected to be 130 cars.  In 2014, these numbers will double to 100 stations and 250 cars.

Annual subscription costs are 99 EUR (8.25 EUR / month) and an additional 6 EUR for every 30 minutes of driving.

Investment costs are estimated at 20 million. Bollore says BlueLy will be profitable if the number of annual subscribers hits 7,000.

Bolloré Bluecars, the vehicle that used in both of these carsharing projects, have range of about 150 miles thanks to LMP batteries produced by Bolloré subsidiary BatScap. Top speed is around 80 mph.


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