These sort of posts now dot our pages with such frequency that it seems soon all states will have a "let's tax electric vehicles for road use to make up for gas tax shortages" post somewhere on this site.
Add Arizona to List of States Seeking to Impose Road Use Tax/Fee on Electric Vehicle Drivers

Arizona is now considering adding itself to our "let's be naughty to electric vehicle owners" list.

Again, we reiterate that we do support making electric vehicle owners "pay their fair share," but now's not the time to do this as the electric vehicle industry is too young to be hit with this.

End rant....

In Arizona, Senator Steve Farley, a Democrat from Tucson, says this:

"The intent is that people who use the roads pay for them.  Just because we have somebody who is getting out of doing it because they have an alternative form of fuel, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t pay for the roads."

As in other states, Arizona is facing a shortfall in road maintenance funds.  The state blames this on the rise of fuel-efficient vehicles and seeks to target owners of electric vehicles to impose a fee upon to make up for this shortfall.

Arizona's bill calls for imposing a tax on electric vehicles of 1 cent per mile driven on the state’s highways, amounting to an average of $120 annually.

Fortunately, this measure is "dead in the water" for now, mainly because the state can't determine how it would calculate and collect the fee, but were sure it'll be revived at some point in the near future.

Anyways, it seems electric vehicle owners across the nation had better get ready to pay some sort of road-use fee, because that's the way it looks like it'll be in the future.

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