Old Nissan LEAF battery pack

Old Nissan LEAF battery pack

Steve Marsh, the US' mileage record holder for the Nissan LEAF, reported on the MyNissanLEAF.com forum that he lost his first battery capacity bar on June 1 after an astonishing 78,600 miles and almost 25 months of driving.

Losing this first bar means that Marsh's LEAF is now down finally down 15% in capacity, which averages out to roughly 1.9%/10,000 miles.

New 2013 Nissan LEAF battery pack

New 2013 Nissan LEAF battery pack

The main problem for Marsh now is that he's no longer able to make his daily trip to work (126 miles there and back) without additional charge along the way.

Quoting Marsh:

 "Like many others, I am looking forward to replacement battery cost information, if for nothing else than to know how much that option will cost."

Unfortunately, Nissan still has not provided information on the price or possibility of purchasing a new battery pack.  However, a recent update from the company on the battery pack's expanded warranty also noted that an answer/update on the replacement pricing of the pack would be coming before June 21st of this month.

If Marsh's battery capacity loss stay consistent, then by 100,000 his LEAF will be at approximately 80% capacity.  This will be more and more problematic for Marsh because on June 10, ECOtality will start charging for the use of CHAdeMO fast chargers, which are what Marsh relies on to get to and from work now.  The fee will be $5 per use (or even $8 if you are guest).

For Marsh, this means the cost of driving to work in an electric vehicle may soon be higher than if he drove a fuel-burning automobile.

Nobody will likely use QC at $5/session on daily basis and even Steve Marsh declared that he will use the cheaper Level 2 units when ECOtality begin charging that $5 fee.  Marsh will have to spend approximately 30 minutes at a Level 2 charger on his way to and from work, versus just the few minutes that were required when he plugged into a QC.

Generally, the situation is slowly getting worst and in a six months it will be winter again.  If Nissan will not provide a replacement battery at a reasonable price, it sadly could be too difficult for Marsh to continue driving his LEAF.

Source: My Nissan LEAF

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