Hyundai supports hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, while partner Kia is softly getting into the plug-in scene.

That was to be how Hyundai and Kia would divide their efforts.  One would focus on fuel cells (Hyundai) the other on electric vehicles (Kia).

Well, it now seems that maybe the fuel cell way isn't working for Hyundai as Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik finally stated that the automaker will sell an electric vehicle in the future.

Here's what Krafcik had to say:

"Our primary zero-emission vehicle focus is fuel cell right now, but we will certainly field a BEV at some point."

Note that Krafcik is referring to the US market here, so his statement should read "we will certainly field a BEV at some point in the US."

Hyundai does currently sell its electric BlueOn in Korea, but that subcompact is a South Korea-only special and it's a limited production offering, too.

Hyundai will certainly be late to the US' plug-in party, but it's good news to know that one more automaker will be joining the EV some point.

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