2013 Nissan LEAF Will Have Lower Resale Value, Says KBB

2013 Nissan LEAF Will Have Lower Resale Value, Says KBB

Resale value are an ever-changing figure.  The automotive market is simply too complex to set it and forget it.

That's what we have here in Kelley Blue Book's (KBB) recent resale valuation of the 2013 Nissan LEAF.

First, some background info is in order. KBB set the 36-month resale value of both the 2012 and 2011 Nissan LEAFs at 40 percent of their respective stickers prices when purchased new.  40 percent is average in the automotive field.  Not a stand-out figure, but not bad by any means.

For the Model Year 2013 LEAF though, KBB revised its 36-month resale value down to 35%.  That's not a figure to shout out loud about.

Eric Ibara, KBB’s director of residual value consulting, says residual values dropped due to a few factors, most notably the LEAF's reduced base price for 2013.  Other factors include gas prices that are lower than anticipated and a general weakening is wholesale prices for electric vehicles.

Quoting Ibara:

"Demand for a new LEAF is driven by vehicle enthusiasts, early adopters, people who are concerned about the environment. But when it comes to a 2-year-old used electric vehicle, practical considerations greatly outweigh the novelty of new technology."

Sort of makes sense, right?  But what KBB is missing is the fact that the $7,500 credit only applies to new vehicle purchase and not to three-year-old LEAFs.  So, why would anyone buy a used LEAF over a brand spankin' new one right now?  That just wouldn't make financial sense.

Source: Automotive News

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