Mission RS

Mission RS

On Monday, Mission Motorcycles introduced the fastest (to date) street-legal electric bikes; namely the Mission RS and Mission R.  Most electric motorcycle fans would term these as "Teslas on two wheels."

Mission RS is a limited edition ride, without any compromises on performance.  First deliveries are now expected next summer, and only 40 copies will be made - and all by hand in the USA. Base price begins from $58,999, with the GP Package, that price can balloon as high as $74,999.

Think the price point is high?  Lets see what we got for that money. These Mission Motorcycles are utilizing extreme powertrain components from Mission Motors (naturall0) that were previously were developed for the Mission R demonstration race bike, and the Mission One bike, that didn't enter production few years ago.

Mission Motorcycles InfiniteDrive delivers 120 kW and 133.4 ft-lb (0 – 6400RPM), which allows Mission RS accelerates from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds, while doing the 1/4 mile in 10.492 seconds.  The bike has a top speed of over 150 mph! All that thanks to liquid-cooled 3-phase AC induction motor with single speed reduction gear - such as found in the Tesla Model S.

"These are the same performance numbers we used to shatter the lap record at Laguna Seca, and win by a margin of 40 seconds."

Range is also phenomenal compared to its peers. The UltraPack, with over 17 kWh of stored energy allows you to get a real range of about 140 miles or even 230 miles during low speed city ride.

On-board we can find a 4.5 kW charger with a stunning peak efficiency of 95%, that is integrated with the 150 kW motor control unit and shares the same liquid-cooling system. Like Brammo bikes it also have SAE Type 2 J1772 inlet.

Mission RS dash

Mission RS dash

Truly unique is the MissionOS system responsible Interactive Dash:

"A true revolution in motorcycle technology, the Mission RS and R’s dashboard is a marvel of interactivity, connectivity, and rider feedback. Utilizing its complementary cellular data connection, the Mission RS and R allow an unprecedented level of information accessible at any time and any place. Features range from the integrated turn-by-turn navigation, Bluetooth, an industry first integrated HD camera with telemetry overlay, as well as head-up display (HUD) support. This is the next generation of motorcycle user interface and the one all riders have been waiting for."

Mission R

After all of the 40 Mission RS are sold out, Mission Motorcycles then wants to enter production on a lower priced, non-limited edition, with similar perforamnce, but with less extraordinary parts for brakes, suspensions, wheels and lightweight materials.

The Mission R will be also available with three battery pack sizes - 12, 15 and 17 kWh, with base price of $32.499, $36.499 and $42.499.  The smaller battery packs will offer ranges from between 105 to 120 miles, while the drivetrain remains the same.

Mission R dash

Mission R dash

Like in the Tesla Model S, the Mission R can be equiped with a twin charger that allows for double the intake power, up to 9 kW. Another similarity with Tesla is that both Mission bikes will be able to get remote software updates.

"With free automatic over-the-air updates, Mission Motorcycle owners will receive new features and capabilities as a stream of new updates and continual improvements."




Mission Motorcycles

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