Postal delivery service is where it's at for electric vehicles in Austria.

Mailman? Postal Delivery Guy?

Mailman? Postal Delivery Guy?

Nearly one century ago, Austria deployed its first electric mail delivery vehicles.  Back then, the nation deployed 29 electric Daimler Tudor vehicles in 1913

Now, Austria Post is looking to once again bet big on electric vehicles for mail delivery.

Currently, Austria Post is testing 167 electric bikes, 80 electric mopeds and 18 electric vans as part of its E-Mobility Post initiative.

But the EV fleet will grow soon.

By 2015, Austria Post hopes to have an EV fleet of 1,000 strong.  Some will be of the electric van variety, while other will still be electric trikes, bikes or two-wheel scooters.

In our view, postal delivery is about as well suited for electric vehicles as can get, so we hope to soon seen more countries follow Austria's lead in the EV postal charge.

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