Let's turn the tables on the owners of gas-guzzling vehicles.

Imagine an SUV Owner Sort of Helping the rest of Us in Our Purchase of One of These

Imagine an SUV Owner Sort of Helping the rest of Us in Our Purchase of One of These

You know how several state right now are either considering or have enacted legislation that charges electric vehicles owners an annual fee to make up for loss gas-tax revenue.  While the thought of this seems to have some merit, we think it's 'bout time the owner of gas-chugging behemoths understand what it's like to be singled out.

So, here's our proposal: Let's charge owner of those gas guzzlers an annual fee (above and beyond the gas guzzler's tax) to support the purchase of electric vehicles by others.

Here's how it'll work: If a vehicle gets a combined MPG rating of below 15, then the owner will pay $100 annually for driving this fuel-consuming machine.  That $100 will go directly into a government established fund for rebates to those who purchase pure electric vehicles.

Make sense?

"Work" Truck, Not to be Confused with "Play" Trucks

Maybe.  Maybe not, but it does single out a select group of vehicle buyers much in the same way that those annual road-use/gas tax fees do for electric vehicle owners.

Would it work?  Why not?

Sure, some owners of gas guzzlers might complain, but do you think they'd ditch their rides and go electric?  Most likely no, but they could and then they too would benefit from such a program.  If this was the path most often taken, then eventually almost all of the not-needed SUVs and gas-gulping trucks would vanish from the roads.  All that would remain would be actual works trucks and boat-hauling SUVs.

However, most would likely laugh at the $100 annual fee or, perhaps complain about it for a bit, and then continue to drive those vehicles that burn through far too much fuel while simultaneously supporting the purchase of some of the cleanest vehicles in the land.

If this approach seems unacceptable, then at least let's have those gas-chugging vehicle owners be charged an annual fee that gets put into some sort of clean-energy fund.

Either way, it would be a win for us all, right?

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