Michael Rutter & Mark Miller in front of 2013 MotoCzysz E1pc

Michael Rutter & Mark Miller in front of 2013 MotoCzysz E1pc

In first two days of practice on the Isle of Man, all three MotoCzysz and Mugen Motorsports riders unofficially smashed the SES TT Zero lap record from 2012, when the same three riders and the same two teams broke the 100-mph average speed record.

On the first day, McGuinness, on a new Mugen Shinden Ni, set a 21:25.32 lap time with an average speed of 105.650 mph. Additionally, Michael Rutter, on a 2013 MotoCzysz E1pc, crossed the line faster then his last year's record (104.056 mph) clocking 21:38.15 this year at an average speed of 104.631 mph.  Finally, American Mark Miller - the second MotoCzysz rider - set a lap time of 22:07.37 at an average speed of 102.328.

"TT legends John McGuinness and Michael Rutter shocked critics and supporters alike with practice laps at a record speed of 105.6 mph and 104.6mph, respectively in last night's first qualifying session at the 2013 Isle of Man TT Races for the clean emissions machines. The laps are only classed as unofficial as they were not set during a race."

On the second day, Miller improved to 21:41.072 with an average speed 104.397.  And Michael Rutter did 20:59.806 at a record average speed of 107.817 mph -  quite close to the 110 mph goal.

Michael Rutter

Michael Rutter

Maximum speeds at this event were exceeding 140 mph.

Altogether, about 10 teams started in this year SES TT Zero race, but only these two teams, at least for now, were able to exceed 100 mph in average lap speeds.

First day results can be found by clicking here.

Sadly, this year, team MotoCzysz was lacking its founder Michael Czysz - an outstanding designer and constructor, which, because of the struggle with cancer, had to miss the event. Hopefully, Czysz returns to health quickly.

Qualifying is scheduled for Monday, and the race will take place on Wednesday.

Exciting times for fans of electric two wheelers, that's for sure.

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