For Tesla Motors, it's "To-Do" List is dwindling down.

Soon We'll Be Headed to Asia

Soon We'll Be Headed to Asia

Make a profit?  Check.

Pay back the US government.  No problem.

Outsell some luxury vehicles in Q1 in the US?  Done.

Get the highest rating ever from Consumer Reports?  You bet.

Okay, maybe those last two items weren't on Tesla's list, but here's one that definitely is: Delivery to Model S to European customers.

That's what's next for Tesla Motors and is basically the automaker sole focus at this point in time.  As Elon Musk told Bloomberg TV:

"The next step is delivery of Model S vehicles to Europe because thus far, all of our production has gone to North America.  We'll start shipping to Europe with arrivals there in July. Then we'll start shipping to Asia in the fourth quarter, and really expanding the exports of the Model S."

It's export time, it seems.

Tesla's Model S customer base in the US may be dwindling, but there are thousands eager to buy the electric sedan overseas.  Even Musk admits that most Model S sales from here on out will come from outside of the US.

So, what's on Tesla's "To-Do" list after this?  The Model X.

Source: Bloomberg

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