The name TommyKaira came to fame due to PlayStation.  More specifically, TommyKaira became famous with assistance from Gran Turismo.

Without Gran Turismo, it seems unlikely that the startup Japanese automaker, which was founded in 1997, would still be around today.

TommyKaira has hand-built only 200 vehicles, but these extreme machines rose up to cult-like status through the vehicle's portrayal in Gran Turismo.  The TommyKaira ZZ was and still is legendary in the video game.

Well, as times move on, TommyKaira has moved forward, too.

Introducing the reborn ZZ roadster.  This time it's truly electrifying.

TommyKaira sprung back to life the ZZ name in this latest offering; the TommyKaira ZZ EV.

The ZZ EV zips from 0 to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds, boasts a range of 75 miles, weighs in at a svelte 1,874 pounds and puts out 305 hp and 306 pound-feet of torque.

Again, it's completely hand built, but TommyKaira turned to GreenLordMotors this time around for assistance in developing the electric bits and the monocoque chassis to which TommyKaira fitted a stylish body.



What's the cost to own one of the world's most exclusive, unique electric vehicles?  Well, if you could manage to snag one of the 99 units to be built, it'll only set you back $79,000.

Production of the ZZ EV kicked off in April and all of the units should be built and sold by year's end.

We'd be willing to bet that the only way most of the world will get a chance to drive this EV is, once again, through the Gran Turismo gaming series.  This time, though, it'll be in Gran Turismo 4.

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