120 Just Doesn't Cut It Anymore

120 Just Doesn't Cut It Anymore

Several counties throughout the US have been updating building codes to require that all new-construction homes be pre-wired for 240-volt charging stations.  It's a relatively simple upgrade at the time of construction and we feel all building codes across the nation should be updated to support the future of automobiles.

The latest county looking to join the list in Santa Clara county in California's Bay Area.

It's reported that Santa Clara supervisors are considering an electric vehicle pre-wiring ordinance that would both to new-construction homes and to remodels.

In addition, Santa Clara hopes to enact one more ordinance that calls for public chargers to be installed at all county-owned parking lots.

County supervisor Dave Cortese, an electric vehicle owner himself, says he supports this additional ordinance:

"The chargers that are across the street seem to be used pretty frequently. It certainly wouldn’t hurt my feelings if there were more on the back lot here."

According to the DoE, the county currently has 494 public chargers, which may seem excessive, but remember that the Bay Area is a hotbed for electric vehicles, so more units are always welcomed.

Most of the counties that surround Santa Clara already have a pre-wiring ordinance for new-construction homes, so it seems the proposed alteration to building codes in Santa Clara will likely pass with flying colors.

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