Tricked Ya...Sorry Couldn't Resist

Tricked Ya...Sorry Couldn't Resist

Recently, the Internet became a Fisker Karma buyer's paradise, with deals to be found everywhere.

eBay has discounted Karmas.  So to do sites like AutoTrader and

But if you're looking for a killer deal on a Fisker Karma, then maybe Toy R Us or your local kiddie toy palace is where it's at.

Thanks to an ActiveE Facebook group user, we have found what's likely the cheapest Karma ever offered and it's brand spankin' new, plastic wrap included.

$0.99 is now the starting price for a Fisker Karma and this one emits nada.

The owner acts as the range extender for this detailed piece of automotive machinery and, unlike the real deal, this one's sure to reliable, though interior room is sparse and the ride is likely hampered by those hard-as-plastic run flats.

Hat tip to Chris Neff via BMW ActiveE Group on Facebook! (photo here)

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