Yes, the Tesla Model S seats up to 7, which makes it one of the only sedan-like hatchbacks that can claim to hold more than half a dozen people.

Too Cute...That's For Sure

Too Cute...That's For Sure

But what if you really packed 'em in?  You know, there's a "frunk" after all.

Sure, there are only 7 seat belts when equipped with the rear-facing seats, but we're thinking it could hold more people with ease.

Not legally, we'll say, but how many children do you think could fit rather comfortably (some not so much) in the Model S?

We're not here to spoil the fun, so watch this here video of (it's really quite adorable) of a 6-year-old who ended an electric vehicle presentation with having the class play "How many kindergarten students can we fit into a Tesla Model S."

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