2014 Chevy Spark EV

2014 Chevy Spark EV

Last Thursday, General Motors unveiled a shocking bit of info on the 2014 Chevy Spark EV.   That shocker was its price.

Spark EV

Spark EV

At $19,995 after federal incentives or $199 per month to lease, the 2014 Spark EV seems priced to move off dealer lots like crazy.

But the downside is that General Motors says the Spark EV will, at least initially, be available only in California and Oregon.  So, it'll likely move off those lots there rather rapidly.

But what about the rest of the nation, who now seems eager to purchase a Spark, even more so since its price is insanely low?

Maybe there's hope.

Tom Pospisil, general manager at Eriksen Chevrolet Buick in Milan, Illinois told a local TV station interviewer that he expects Chevy to eventually offer the Spark EV in the Midwest.  If offered in the Midwest, then we'd assume nationwide to be a possibility, too.

It's not necessarily news to us that the Spark EV could spread beyond California and Oregon.  We do feel this will eventually happen, much in the same way that the Chevy Volt slowly rolled out across the nation.  However, GM has not confirmed this and, at this time, there's no way of guessing when the Spark EV will make its break out of those two initial roll-out states.

Let's hope it's sooner rather than later.

Source: WQAD

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