Tesla Motors has been grabbing headlines left and right these past few months.

Who's The Loser?

Who's The Loser?

There was that profitability statement that sort shocked the naysayers out there.

Then, most recently, Tesla told the world that it had done what some thought to be impossible: paid off its loan to the US government.

Tesla wasn't scheduled to pay back that loan in full until 2022, but it did so on Wednesday, nine years ahead of schedule.

Tesla's current string of successes seems to have automakers worried.  Remember Audi's now-deleted press release that bashed the electric automaker?

Now that Tesla is out from under government control, so to say, Elon Musk says a weight has been lifted off the automaker.

Without government debt, Musk says those naysayers out there now should have nothing negative left to say.

Source: Bloomberg


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