When you think of electric vehicles, the country of Estonia probably doesn't immediately jump to mind, but perhaps it should.

Map of Charging Stations in Estonia

Map of Charging Stations in Estonia

One glance at the map of charging stations in Estonia on the right side of this page will convince you that the nation seriously supports electric vehicles and those that own and drive them there are mostly satisfied, too.

A recent survey of 441 electric vehicle drviers in Estonia found that 73 percent were satisfied with their rides.  A further breakdown of the results show that 16 percent of the 441 users surveyed were "very satisfied," while 57 percent were "rather satisfied" with their electric vehicles.  However, 25 percent were "rather unsatisfied" and 2 percent were "not at all satisfied."

Local government employees made up the vast majority of the survey group, as electric vehicles aren't easily accessible to the public in Estonia yet.

Private owners, who represent just 8 percent of the survey group, showed the most satisfaction with 97 percent claiming to be either "rather" or "very satisfied."

More importantly though is that 92 percent of private electric vehicle owners in Estonia said they would recommend the vehicles to others.  It should be noted that almost all of the electric vehicles in Estonia are Mitsubishi i-MiEVs, though Nissan LEAFs are starting to appear there now.

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