Social Watts Needed

Social Watts Needed

It often seems like most of the world is powered mainly by social media.  Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or something else, social media sure is powerful these days.  Why not use that power to propel an electric vehicle 1,000 miles from Knsas City to Washington D.C.?

That's what a group of at-risk high school students are attempting to do in a converted 1967 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.

The converted electric is fueled not by electricity, but by social media.

Sort of.

MINDDRIVE, a non-profit organization who admits 30 students per year, is the group behind all of this and is responsible for teaching the at-risk students from Kansas City high schools the trade of conversion.  These students are said to be "slipping through the cracks of the ‘traditional’ educational system."

MINDDRIVE will turn Twitter mentions, Facebook "Likes," YouTube video views and more into wattage that will power the electric Ghia on its journey.

The tweets-to-watts is surely a gimmick.  And there's no way that Facebook "Likes," as powerful as they may be, can propel an electric vehicle.

But what's at work here is a computer, located within the Ghia, that connects "to the cloud" to monitor social media activity linked to MINDDRIVE's journey.  The computer registers this activity in real time and then takes an assigned value—for instance, a Twitter follow is worth 5 watts—to determine how far down the road the Ghia can go.

Make sense?

You'll find loads of additional info at MINDDRIVE's site, which you can access by clicking here.

But before heading there, watch the YouTube video below.  It's worth 3 watts to the at-risk students.  Let's help them complete this journey!!!

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