"With the Chevrolet Volt, gas and electricity have come together to create a new driving experience. It's the best of both worlds—an extended-range car, with electric when you want it, and gas when you need it."

Chevy Volt Draws Deer Near

Chevy Volt Draws Deer Near

That's how Chevy pitches its Volt in its latest ad spot, titled "Silent Anthem."

Surely the Volt doesn't always operate in silence, so were not entirely sure of GM's choice of titles, but we're glad to see that adorable mechanical/robotic dog that we so loved after its first appearance in Chevrolet's original "Find New Roads" anthem.

What's "Silent Anthem" pitching to us?  Well, as we see, this spot says that the Volt is the quintessential family vehicle that's at home in the wilderness and is a deer-hunters dream machine deer magnet.

We're not so sure this latest spot works to sell the Volt, but it sure is pleasant to watch.

Video note: Original "Find New Roads" spot posted below.

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