Say you're the proud owner a nondescript Ford station wagon.  Should you really step out of that wagon for a drive in a Tesla Model S?  Probably not.  That is, unless you can afford to buy said Tesla.

Probably Not the Ford Station Wagon the Writer is Referring To

Probably Not the Ford Station Wagon the Writer is Referring To

That's the dilemma now faced by PC World's Damon Poeter who spent just 10 minutes behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S.

As Poeter explains:

"On a beautiful May morning at Tesla's headquarters, I found myself behind the wheel of an all-electric Model S sedan preparing for a quick test drive with Tesla rep Josh Cohen seated beside me and CNET's Wayne Cunningham in the back seat."

"Roughly 10 minutes and one brief but exhilarating ride later, we were back at our starting point. And Tesla had pretty much ruined my own crappy Ford station wagon for me, forever."

Yes, the Model S is a ride-ruining machine.

Poeter says that "Price-wise, the Model S is ridiculously beyond my means."  A statement that rings true for most all automotive journalists out there, but he still lusts for one, as do we.

It only takes one test drive to be hooked.

Poeter further explains how the Model S doesn't even really fit into his lifestyle and says that in his neighborhood, a Model S ought to have "steal me" written on the hood.

But even after all that, Poeter says:

"I so want one."

We do too!!!

via PC World

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