BMW i3 on Autobahn

BMW i3 on Autobahn

This i3 Might Require Some Body Work

This i3 Might Require Some Body Work

In order to sell the i3 and i8, BMW says dealerships must be certified.  This is basically the same as with the Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF.

However, not all BMW dealerships are expected to undergo the certification process.

If a dealer wants to offer BMW's i sub-brand, then specialized training is required, as are some unique service tools and on-site chargers.  We're not exactly sure of the requirements for selling the i sub-brand, as BMW hasn't issued a release that details this, but we do know dealers are expected to comply with certain guidelines if they wish to sell i vehicles.

Ahead of the i3's European launch this fall, BMW is getting together lists of dealerships who have signed on to sell the electric vehicle.  That list, in the UK, now stands at 46 dealers strong.

Order books are expected to open on the i3 in Europe in July with first deliveries happening in November.

Here, according to Autocar, is that list of BMW i sub-brand certified dealers in the UK:


Lloyd Newcastle

Berry Chiswick

North Oxford Garage

Benham Wolverhampton

Ocean Plymouth

BMW Park Lane

Rybrook Warwick

Bowker Preston

Sandal Huddersfield

Broad Oak Canterbury

Scotthall Milton Keynes

Chandlers Brighton

Soper of Lincoln

Cooper Croydon

Specialist Cars Stevenage

Cooper Norwich

Stephen James Enfield

Cooper Reading

Stratstone Derby

Cooper Teesside

Stratstone Leeds

Cooper Tunbridge Wells

Sycamore Peterborough

Cotswold Gloucester

Sytner Birmingham

Dick Lovett Bristol

Sytner Cardiff

Eastern Motor Company

Sytner Harold Wood

Elms Cambridge

Sytner High Wycombe


Sytner Leicester

Halliwell Jones Warrington

Sytner Sheffield

Harry Fairbairn Glasgow

Vines of Guildford

Jacksons Jersey

Westerly Exeter

John Clark Aberdeen

Williams Liverpool

Knights North Staffs

Williams Manchester

Lloyd Carlisle

Wood of Bournemouth

It should be noted that BMW has hundreds of dealerships in the UK, so the "take rate" on selling the i sub-brand doesn't initially appear to be all that high, at least not in the UK.

via Autocar

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