Own a business?  Work for a company?  Part of an organized group?  Interested in testing today's electric vehicles?

If you answered "yes" to 2 out of those 4 questions then the Drive Sunshine Institute, a non-profit organization, has a solution for you.

Drive Sunshine can host an event to offer electric vehicle test drives to all those in attendance.  This event is typically held at a workplace, though that's not the only way Drive Sunshine organizes it.

Best of all, these test drives can be free, depending on the level of event sponsorship.

The process itself is rather simple.  You or a co-worker or someone else contacts Drive Sunshine to set up the EV test drives.  Drive Sunshine appears with a few electric vehicles and the driving begins.

If event sponsorship is on the low side, then those interested in driving one of the EVs on hand simply pay a few bucks per drive.

It's a pain-free way to get a large gathering of people behind the wheel of an EV.  And, as we've stated before, once someone drives an electric vehicles, there's no turning back!

For more information, visit www.drivesunshine.org.

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