On Mars, electric vehicles are the only option.

View of Mars From Curiosity

View of Mars From Curiosity

Since 1997, electric vehicles have toured the Martian terrain.

As Space.com points out:

"NASA's tiny Sojourner rover hit the red dirt in 1997, followed by the golf-cart-size twins Spirit and Opportunity in 2004. And last August, the 1-ton Curiosity rover dropped in to determine whether Mars could ever have supported microbial life."

Since there's no possible way to refuel on Mars, these electric vehicles have relied on various trick systems to remain operational.  These tricks include solar arrays on Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity and a radioisotope (plutonium-238) thermoelectric generator on Curiousity.

All but Sojourner rely on lithium-ion batteries for juice or an extra kick when needed.  Sojourner used a nonrechargeable lithium-thionyl chloride battery for backup.

So, yeah, we could say that electric vehicles have been operational (and dominating) on Mars long before they became readily available here.  EV market share on Mars? 100%.

Source: Space

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