97 % of the Respondents Drive a Nissan LEAF

97 % of the Respondents Drive a Nissan LEAF

Allow us to preface these results by saying they're skewed.  They are most definitely skewed.  But we will still share all the numbers here because there's something else going on that we feel is worth pointing out.

First, why are the results skewed?  Well, when 97% of the respondents drive a Nissan LEAF, so there is no way you can consider the results flushed out to be typical of all electric vehicle owners.

So, let's say this is mostly a survey on how LEAF owners feel, not on the sentiments of the electric vehicle population as a whole.   Further skewing the results though is that these LEAF owners all hail from one state: California.

Let's move on.

Here are some of the results from those California LEAF owners.

  • 40% were not satisfied with their vehicle's range
  • 32% desire 101 to 150 miles of range
  • 27% desire 151 to 200 miles of range
  • 10% desire 201 to 250 plus miles of range
  • 16% desire 250 to 300 miles of range (85-kWh Model S territory)
  • 4% desire over 300 miles of range
  • 10% are okay with the LEAF's less than 100 miles of range...actually its 1% for 0-50 miles and 9% for 51 to 100 miles
There are tons of takeaway points we could pull from these results.

For example, since a significant percentage (40%) of  LEAF owners weren't satisfied with the vehicle's range, then maybe Nissan should respond by offering a longer range option.

And since only 4% desire more than 300 miles of range, then maybe Tesla should not expand the current range of what the Model S is capable of.

Is there anything else contained within this data that's worth pointing out?

via Center for Sustainable Energy California

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