e6 Taxis In Hong Kong

e6 Taxis In Hong Kong

BYD may not be selling its e6 to loads of public buyers, but the Chinese automaker is certainly seeing success in pitching its electric crossover to fleets.

BYD is seeking to expand its taxi fleet in Hong Kong from the current 6 units that operate there to approximately 5,000 in a short time.

Liu Xueliang, general manager of BYD Asia Pacific sales, told Reuters this:

"We expect to increase the number of e6 taxis in Hong Kong to 5,000 in three years."

So, 6 to 5,000 in 3 years?  Yes, that's an ambitious mark, but BYD could get there if it plays its cards right.

BYD is currently working on a contract with Hong Kong Taxi & Public Light Bus Association in which it'll rent the e6's out for $1,000 per month on a trial basis.  The initial fleet of e6 taxis will number 45 units, but if it works out, then a more sizable deal will be inked.

The BYD e6 sells for approximately $57,700 in Hong Kong, a price that few would be willing or able to pay up front.  But since it's a trial lease, BYD may be able to convince fleet owners and operators that fuel-cost savings quickly make up for the e6's high price tag.

Source: Reuters

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