Porsche to Offer Hybrid Option on All Future Vehicles; Of the Plug-In Variety, Of Course

At last a German automaker has chosen to take one of the boldest steps into electrified vehicles.  It's Porsche.

Porsche Universal Charger

Porsche Universal Charger

According to Autocar, "All future Porsche models will be available with hybrid-electric drive."  But what this actually means is that almost all future Porsche offerings will have an optional plug-in hybrid setup.  You'll understand why in a bit, but first we'll focus on what Porsche actually stated, according to Autocar.

"Speaking at Porsche’s Panamera Hybrid technology workshop, Daniel Semmer said a new hybrid module—which combines an electric motor and clutches in one unit—had been designed by Porsche to fit into all its future cars, including the 911 range."

"The move is part of new philosophy to dramatically reduce fuel consumption when driving at everyday speeds. Porsche engineers say their ‘new parameter’ for fuel saving is reducing the ‘revolutions per kilometre’ of the engine. In the first phase, exemplified by the new plug-in Panamera, reducing the number of engines revs per kilometer traveled involves conventional stop/start, coasting, coasting with the engine off, and running as a plug in hybrid."

"The next stage, due in 2016-2017, Porsche’s cars will interact more intelligently with their surroundings using, for example, information from very detailed road maps. These will include data such as accurately-measured inclines (eg 5.9 percent) and even the radius of approaching corners (eg 157m). The cars will also automatically selecting the ‘correct’ driving mode for the circumstances (from Electric, Hybrid, Charging-while-driving and Sports mode)."

See-Through Image of Panamera Plug-In Hybrid

See-Through Image of Panamera Plug-In Hybrid

Okay, so let's piece the puzzle back together.  If the plug-in hybrid Panamera is the "first phase," then it would seem unthinkable that the "next stage" would be a conventional hybrid, right?  And there are several other indicators in the way the statements above are worded that basically say Porsche will offer focus on offering plug-in hybrids as an option on all future model lineups.

The plug-in hybrid Panamera arrives later this year and the automaker's "next-generation plug-in transmission" will likely debut in the next-gen PHEV Panamera in late 2016.  What's more is that Porsche says the next-gen hybrid module will be more powerful than the 94-hp unit that powers the upcoming Panamera and that the additional components will include a "more energy-dense battery pack," according to Autocar.

So, yeah, plug-in hybrid for the win at Porsche. via Autocar

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