Consumer Reports' Question Posed on Facebook

Consumer Reports' Question Posed on Facebook

This electric vehicle tax issue seems to rear its ugly head with regularity these days.  So much so that hardly a week passes without at least one more US state adding itself to the growing list of those who either tax electric vehicles owners to make up for lost gas tax revenues or are at least considering it at the upper political levels within the state.

So, why not see what the public has to say in regards to this new form of taxation?

That's precisely what Consumer Reports set out to do in an online survey posted first on its Facebook page.  The question posed by Consumer Reports is seen in the image above and, in next to no time, more than 300 comments poured in, most against this form of taxation.

Below we pulled out a few of the more informative and amusing comments:

"Of course not. They should be rewarded for saving the environment from the emissions and not using up the oil supplies unnecessarily. Don't punish them for doing the right thing."

"How about taxing people for not buying cigarettes? Or liquor?"

"If you use the roads, you should pay regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. I say scrap the gas tax and replace it with a tire tax. Everyone pays!"

"Let the government raise the tax on luxury vehicles to offset any loss."

"The oil companies continue to post record profits, so how about doing away with the total $4.4 billion in tax credits the government is giving each year to Shell Oil and Exxon/Mobil?"

To peruse all of the responses to Consumer Reports' question, visit the consumer advocacy group's Facebook page by clicking here.

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