InsideEVs has learned that the 2013 Nissan LEAF will indeed be coming to Canada, and will be priced from $31,698 on the new entry level S model, which is now also on sale in the United States for $28,800.  Given a US to Canadian dollar exchange of almost par, that is a premium of almost $3,000.

However in Canada, the entry level S model comes with 6.6 kW (6 kW output) charging standard, a $1,300 option in the US, which helps soften the blow.  Given the very late production run for Canadian models in Smyrna, TN, we feel there is a decent chance that 2014 MY LEAFs will also see 6.6 kW charging added to all trim levels when that gets underway in September.

As compared to 2012 pricing, where the base SV trim level started at $38,395 (SL - $39,995), Canadians can now get into an electric car for $6,697 dollars less.

Full lineup pricing is as follows (US price in brackets) as well as 2012 Canadian LEAF pricing.

  • S Trim - $31,698 ($28,800)
  • SV Trim - $34,998 ($31,820)  - $38,395
  • SL Trim - $38,398 ($34,840)  - $39,995
As for when actual cars will be arriving at Canadian dealerships, when we contacted Nissan Canada's representatives on the subject in February we were told that the 2013s were "scheduled for spring 2013." 

However, after another conversation last week with Heather Meehan, a member of Nissan's PR team, we were told there had been some slippage, as "the MY13 Nissan LEAF will arrive in Canada early summer."  This change in timing may have something to do with high demand for the car in the US.

There has been no word as of yet on any financing or lease opportunities on the 2013 Canadian LEAFs, but we suspect that will happen will Nissan officially announces the vehicle's arrival.

New 2013 LEAF Pricing, And Nissan's Estimated Trim Level Mix Percentages

New 2013 LEAF Pricing, And Nissan's Estimated Trim Level Mix Percentages

Also of interest, in materials sent out to dealers, Nissan has estimated the sales mix they are forecasting between trim levels for the LEAF.  (In our opinion, we think they might be a touch pessimistic communicating to dealers on the demand level for the entry level S model)

Just looking at the pricing and timing of Nissan's 75 mile EV into Canada, we are left with a couple questions:

  1. Why would any dealers want to bring in 2013 MY inventory when 2014 production starts in Smyrna, TN, only a couple months after these 2013s might arrive?
  2. It seems unlikely these units will be offered at a discount after pricing has just been announced, so why would customers choose to pay full sticker on a car at the end of a model year?
Regardless to those questions, there appears to be no changes in the Canadian spec version of the LEAF over the US one, but the Canadian dealer spec sheet does note the changes and additions from one model year to the next.  It is the first time (to our recollection) that we have seen an official listing of the torque rating revision from 280 N·m (210 ft·lb) to 254 N·m (187 ft·lb) for 2013 in print.

Check out all the changes and revisions on the 2013 Canadian Nissan LEAF below:

"Whats New" For 2013 Canadian Nissan LEAF