H-Ker First

H-Ker First

First is the name of the recently unveiled electric racing motorcycle from French company H-Ker.

Work on First began back in 2010 and it's based on the Yamaha YZF 125 chassis.

First will be available in two variants—either with a motor with a maximum power rating of 25 or 40 kW.  Dependent upon which version is purchased, First will boast a top speed of either 87 mph or 106 mph.

A 9-kWh lithium-ion battery comes standard on both version and is claimed to last for up to 40-75 minutes out on the track.  The electric First tips the scales at 364 pounds.

H-Ker says it will produce a limited number of Firsts for racing teams. The expected price, mentioned in French media, is around 15,000 Euros or roughly $19,500.

Come 2014, H-Ker hope to unveil a more powerful demonstration motorcycle.  Will this one be called Second?

Below you’ll find videos from First tests.



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